Why do we yearn for nature? To clear our minds, awaken senses, capture inspiration, recharge our energy, distance ourselves from the congrete jungle, adjust the rhythm of our bodies and minds, and to liberate our spirits…

Exploring nature is purely our human nature. We never need a reason, as the reasons are endless.


A Guide to Nature
1. Go With the Flow of Nature

Living in the urbanised society, we strive to find ourselves, yet often feel lost in the process. For a moment, forget yourself, let yourself flow with nature, and you'll find the nature in you.

You might say, "How?" Maybe things aren't as complicated as you think. Just hike up mountains and move on to the Step 2.

Biophilia Hypothesis
2. Embrace Yourself as a Part of Nature

Being in nature is a peculiar feeling - alone, yet embraced at the same time. As human beings, we finally realise that all creatures are equal, with no one higher or lower than the other.

Out in nature, trees, fish, and owls silently accompany us. There's no judgement, just unconditional acceptance, and it feels so liberating to be a part of it all.

3. Allow Nature to Be a Part of Yourself

Now, as nature officially enters our worldview, our vision changes instantly. Overcomplications and complexities fade away amidst the mountain fog, as we're no longer trapped by societal rules.

Our ego no longer inflates excessively, and our hearts' space expands in nature. We realise that we can live without being limited everywhere and see the path to our true selves.


Mountain-Themed Design

Lost in the concrete jungle, but our souls belong to the nature. We're designers, our counterattack is to bring nature back into our visions.

We infuse outdoor and mountain elements into everyday objects and living spaces. Feel organic vibes and revive your innermost spirit.

When Life Feels Unnatural Again...

Returning to the city, your mind might not be able to keep up with the change in pace of your body, and you might experience symptoms of "nature-deficit disorder".

First, shut off noisy alerts and turn on the "Do Not Disturb" mode. Next, locate the coordinates of the closest mountain, reminding yourself that there is always a path to nature. Last but not least, blast out your road trip playlist, and set out.


Explore Nature, Discover Yourself

Through the journey of camping, hiking, stargazing, and stream trekking, we gradually rediscover the vitality from the bottom of our hearts.

RHINOSHIELD Original Design Zine draws inspiration from the mountains and forests, bringing back the gift of nature and placing it on your protective accessories. Furthermore, we have woven a mountain-inspired strap for you so that wherever you are, you can awaken your natural self when you put it on.

*The limited gift has been fully redeemed

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