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    iPad Pro 6th Gen (12.9 inch)

    iPad Pro 5th Gen (12.9 inch)

    iPad Pro 4th Gen (12.9 inch)

    iPad Pro 4th Gen (11 inch)

    iPad Pro 3rd Gen (12.9 inch)

    iPad Pro 3rd Gen (11 inch)

    iPad Pro 2nd Gen (11 inch)

    iPad Pro 1st Gen (11 inch)

    iPad mini 6th Gen (8.3 inch)

    iPad Air 5th Gen (10.9 inch)

    iPad Air 4th Gen (10.9 inch)

Colour - Silver
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High scratch resistance
High impact resistance
9H Tempered glass
Oleophobic coating


MaterialTempered glass with aluminium trim
CompatibilityCompatible with iPad Pro 6th Gen (12.9 inch) and all RHINOSHIELD iPad Pro 6th Gen (12.9 inch) accessories
InstallationThis set includes an installation tool (black acrylic sheet), which contains lens protectors corresponding to the number of lenses for each device.Please watch our "how to install" tutorial before use. RHINOSHIELD Tutorials

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