AirTag Case

Strong protection. Never leave it behind.

Sustainable material innovation: ShockSpread ECO

Our cases are made with ShockSpread ECO, a new technology that provides strong protection while also being environmentally friendly. Continuing with our classic high impact technology, this new generation is made with sustainable TPE materials to better protect the planet. In addition to providing the same strong protection, the new design also offers enhanced dirt resistance, a stronger grip, and improved endurance. It's the perfect choice for those who demand the best.


Secure your AirTag

The new AirTag protective case has passed RHINOSHIELD's classic 3.5 metre drop test with flying colours. Its one-piece design fits your AirTag perfectly and won't loosen over time. It also offers enhanced dirt resistance and a better grip. This lightweight case provides the perfect level of impact protection for your AirTags.

Snug fit

The AirTag Case has survived 500 tumble tests without loosening, thanks to its snug fit design and strong endurance.


Sustainable & 100% made from recycled materials

In an effort to minimise plastic usage, our AirTag protective case is 100% made from recycled materials. This helps us fulfil our goal of creating a circular product design and keeping our promise to protect the planet.

Tag anything

Comes with small and big buckles that allow you to attach your AirTag key ring in three different styles and keep track of any precious items:


Small buckle

Perfect for attaching to smaller items, such as keychains, wallets, cameras, etc.


Big buckle

Ideal for hanging onto larger belongings, such as your backpack, luggage, etc.


Small + Big buckles

Mix and match the two buckles to suit your personal needs.

Apple or Symbol? The choice is yours.

With our AirTag protective case, you can show off your customised symbols or keep it simple with the Apple icon. The case is designed to fit both sides of your AirTag without affecting Bluetooth reception or the volume of the pinging sound. Switch as you wish.

Unleash your creativity. Design your own look.

RHINOSHIELD collaborates with brands and creative communities around the world to bring you thousands of design options for tech accessories. From museum art pieces to street culture artworks, you can choose what fits your personal style. You can also customise your own case design with prints, texts, numbers, or icons to make your personalised case truly yours.

Small changes. Big improvements.

We believe in the power of subtle change, where even small items have the potential to make big impacts on your daily life. That's why RHINOSHIELD offers a wide range of phone accessories in various colors and styles. Bring some sparkle to your life and enrich your daily routine with our limitless options.

Oldies made new with RHINOSHIELD

At RHINOSHIELD, we are committed to circular design. Our mono-material product design and production allow us to recycle and reuse products, maximizing the recycling and reuse process and reducing the need for new plastics. This helps give our products a second life, working towards a more sustainable future.