The Best Water Bottle with MagSafe for 2023

Introducing the RHINOSHIELD AquaStand Magnetic Water Bottle – the perfect companion for your daily routine. This eco-friendly bottle replaces single-use plastic bottles and paper cups, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Whether you're sipping coffee on-the-go, hitting the gym, or watching a series at a restaurant, the AquaStand has got you covered, as it doubles as a convenient phone stand and your emotional support water bottle! Upgrade your hydration game with AquaStand!


It's a Water Bottle. It's also a Phone Stand .

AquaStand is a magnetic water bottle that is compatible with MagSafe. It serves as not just an eco-friendly gym water bottle but also transforms into a convenient phone stand by securely attaching your phone to the bottle's handle using the magnetic force of MagSafe. RHINOSHIELD will continue to introduce more accessories to pair with AquaStand such as MagSafe compatible phone cases and the Magnetic Ring, making carrying a water bottle a part of your new daily routine.

Since it's a water bottle that you use every day, it's crucial that it is made with high-quality materials. The AquaStand is crafted with food-grade materials and offers two options: Stainless Steel and Tritan, both of which are FDA-approved, so you can confidently use the AquaStand as your everyday hydration companion.


*Magnetic Ring for non-MagSafe and Android phone cases.

MagSafe Compatible Accessories

What Are the Strongest MagSafe Accessories?

At RHINOSHIELD, protection is serious business. So much that we have developed an exclusive magnetic technology, that gives our accessories over 2x the magnetic strength when compared to the original device. This way, you can have the peace of mind that your phone will not detach and fall off from your AquaStand during use!

No worries if your phone doesn't have MagSafe*! You can still enjoy our accessories' superior magnetic force with our Magnetic Ring or our MagSafe-compatible phone case. *MagSafe is compatible with iPhone 12 models and above.

Ready to experience RHINO-levels of strength for yourself? Check out our AquaStand + MagSafe-compatible phone case combo!

For Exercising, the Earth, and You.

How to Choose the Right Water Bottle?


Calling all sports enthusiasts! Capture your fitness journey effortlessly with the AquaStand, the best water bottle for gym. How? Transform your sports water bottle into a phone stand, with adjustable angles for easy recording.

Binge-watchers, rejoice! Enjoy your favorite shows with AquaStand as your trusty companion, offering the perfect viewing angle on any surface.

For the environmentally conscious, AquaStand reduces single-use container waste. Its minimalist design complements any outfit, making it a stylish accessory. Join the movement and love the Earth with AquaStand!

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of AquaStand, even if you do not have an iPhone 12 and above, by using the Magnetic Ring!

Some Question You Might Have About the AquaStand

How do I choose the right AquaStand for me?
If you're wondering how to choose a good water bottle, material, capacity and design are essential elements to consider. AquaStand is available in stainless steel and Tritan options. Tritan can hold liquids from -5°C to 90°C (23°F to 194°F), while stainless steel has no temperature limits. The stainless steel version comes in 700ml (23 FL OZ) and 480ml (16 FL OZ) options, with a variety of colours to choose from; while the Tritan version offers an 800ml (27 FL OZ) capacity and is available in semi-transparent black and clear white.

Learn more about AquaStand here
What Makes AquaStand the Best Water Bottle?
With years of experience in developing innovative materials, technology, and accessories, RHINOSHIELD introduces AquaStand.

Equipped with a MagSafe-compatible handle, it combines your water bottle and phone into the ultimate versatile duo for your everyday adventures. Pair it with the AquaStand Carrier and Lanyard series and you get the best water bottle for work or the best water bottle for traveling, AquaStand will enhance your life with unparalleled convenience.
Can I still use the AquaStand even if my phone doesn't have the MagSafe feature?
MagSafe functionality is compatible with iPhone 12 models and above. If your phone doesn't have MagSafe you can still enjoy the convenience of AquaStand by using a RHINOSHIELD MagSafe-compatible phone case or our universal Magnetic Ring to experience the same benefits.

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